Support Us

There are four main ways you can support us: 
1) Financial Support (from your club or from you, even if you are not a young alum) 
2) PLEASE give your club/alumni office FEEDBACK!!! (Feedback to your club/alumni office will greatly improve our chances for securing funding and continuing these events. Your club or association does not know you enjoyed an event unless you say something!) 
3) Spread the word (e-mail fellow young alumni and tell them about us; club lists are incomplete)
4) Get involved (join our cadre of planners)

The Cincy Ivy Young Alumni Club operates completely through the financial support of local alumni clubs and donations from generous individuals, including our members -- your help is critical. Need some reasons? We encourage members to support the club, even with small donations, and we appreciate the support of our generous donors in building, in these early years, what we hope will be a lasting organization to meet the needs of young alumni in the Greater Cincinnati area. Many members support the Cincy Ivy Young Alumni club in addition to the donations they make to their universities and regional clubs. Financial support goes toward providing food for happy hours, administrative costs (website, name tags, etc.), services for events (tours guides, etc.) and space rentals for events; funding is critical especially over the summer when many interns attend events. Our growing list of generous donors includes:

Contributing Clubs (2017-2018)
Founder Level:
Columbia University Club of Cincinnati
Cornell Club of Southwestern Ohio
Harvard Club of Cincinnati
Ohio Valley Princeton Association
Cincinnati Yale Club

Individual Donors:
Brown University
Dartmouth University

Ivy League and Seven Sisters alumni clubs and alumni associations contribute at Founder and Patron levels. Individuals contribute as Presidents ($200+), Provosts ($100+), Deans ($50+) and Professors ($25+).

Sponsorship questions can be directed to our Club President.